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    Creative director
    • Is the deposit refundable?
      No, the deposit made is non refundable. After your booking is made the time slot is reserved and unavailable to anyone else. We ask that you only book once you’re ready!
    • What is the turnaround time after the shoot?
      You will receive your proofs 1 to 3 days after your shoot. After they are received you will be able to make your photo selections based on the amount of edits in your package.
    • When will the finals edits be completed?
      Final edits are provided within 7-10 business days from when the photo selection is complete.
    • Do you offer expedited edits?
      If you desire to have your final edits within 1-3 days a rushed fee of $20/image will be applied
    • What exactly is worked on in the edits?
      All images will be edited based on skin retouching, exposure, brightness, vibrancy, etc. Daniel Ebomwonyi's judgement regarding these corrections shall be deemed correct. Body Transformation, and Digital Manipulation, is available to the CLIENT as an option at extra cost .
    • Can I reschedule my date after my shoot has been booked?
      You can submit a rescheduling request up to 5 days before your scheduled shoot. Any reschedule request submitted within 5 days of your shoot will result in a rescheduling fee. If you contact me to reschedule more than 5 days in advance I will transfer the deposit to a new date that has availability.
    • What is the weather policy?
      When shooting outside in Texas there is always a chance that the weather may not work out. We are able to shoot in all conditions apart from rain precipitation or high speed winds. In the event that the weather does not work out we will reschedule your session at no extra cost. I will contact you before the session to give an honest assessment of the weather.
    • What is the late policy?
      If you are running late, please reach out to Daniel as soon as possible. At Sobapictures we respect the time of every person we work with. We ask that our clients do the same. In the event that you are running late to a shoot there is a $2 per minute fee. If you are more than 30 minutes late without calling, you will forfeit your booking fee and we reserve the right to cancel the session. We of course understand unforeseen circumstances such as illness or accidents etc. Please inform us as soon as possible so accommodations will be made.
    • What is the overtime policy?
      If the shoot proceeds past the scheduled time and Daniel has availability we may continue the shoot at the clients request in overtime. Overtime is $2 per minute for the first 15 minutes. After 15 minutes the time turns to "added time" meaning your extra time will be as if your booking through the normal rate. For Example: - If the client would like to go over 10 minutes the total price for overtime will be $20. - If the client would like to go over half an hour the price will be half the price of booking another hour. Added time will also result in more edits based on your package.
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